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Why knitwear? The reason lies in Stärke 30. or in its adaptability that is much valued if one is tired of adapting oneself to something else. Designing is quite an obedient process, so to be independent from the fabric manufacturer is an appreciated quality, explains Josephine. She praises Stärke 30, the name of the merino thread, which allows you to invent your own drapery.

The thread can be knitted solo, two- or threefold or together with high-tech threads dependant on how subtle, elegant or rough one feels. It can enlarge the surface, accentuate the bust or the hips – or it may not. With Austrian tricks such as milling and washing Stärke 30 leads to flexible, staunch, pliant or merciless qualities. A tailor made costume is an armour that can only be mastered with discipline while knitwear is just the opposite. And after the wash it squiggles to half of its thinness or thickness. In fact, I would like to be that compliable – but I don’t have to be. I am a cardigan customer, Josephine’s classic, and every season I want a new one because it always remains a cardigan. It is the thread in all her collections but she always dyes it differently and that is invariably the colour that I am missing. You should wear three upon the others and one should be tied around the hips, the colours always compliment each other perfectly, also over the years. It has a V-neck, V as in Victory.

Cosima Reif

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